Switch from AWStats to Piwik on a Webfaction host

Posted on Thu 17 January 2013 • Tagged with programming, walktrough, webdev

A short walktrough for Webfaction-users on switching from AWStats to Piwik for website analytics, including importing older data.

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After open data, we need open data analysis: a first look at OpenCPU

Posted on Sat 16 June 2012 • Tagged with programming, open-data, R

OpenCPU offers a truly open platform for collaborative data analysis, and could give R online a big push. Follow along with a basic MDS-analysis demonstrating the OpenCPU REST API.

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From pdf to wordcloud using the Python NLTK

Posted on Sun 15 August 2010 • Tagged with programming, python

A small Python snippet to turn a PDF into a colorfull wordcloud.

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How to get your files out of a svn dump

Posted on Mon 21 December 2009 • Tagged with programming

A small snippet for the svn admin-challenged among us.

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